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thinking out loud

or typing out loud? i do that a lot. like telling my bestie that i just "dropped the kids off at the pool" and now i'm super hungry. must have freed up some space!

tmi, awkward... i know. here's something pretty to make up for it! (or try!)

sidenote: i love that esurance has jim from the office as their commercial voice-over. i could listen to his smexi voice all night. does he do book on tapes?


chain and lace

Holiday parties are always fun! Especially the ones like this that you can get borderline sloppy drunk and make new friends. Cuuuzzz that's what happened in this outfit. ;)


new staple

You guys, so it's been cold lately. And yeah yeah I know, California cold is a lame wimpy nerdy kid who always gets beat up at recess version of cold. California cold is like, I have to wear something other than flip flops and maybe grab a coat on the way out. Enter: this scarf. I'm embarrassed to say that I love it so much that I wear it like every day. And that's only a slight exaggeration. If you follow me on Instagram you already know about my obsession with this scarf. So I hope ya like it cuz I'm gonna keep wearing it. =)



i just have to say how much im obsessed with this pretty lady.

photo from her facebook

you might have heard her song on the radio, merry go 'round. it's pretty rad. she's like miranda lambert 3 years ago with a dash of taylor swift thrown in, and looks like a white version of rashida jones. (those are all compliments, btw.)

so if any of that sounds fantastic to you, check out kacey musgraves. or go see her on tour with kenny chesney next summer! can't wait until she gets an album out!


dress as skirt?

Check and check!

Ps. I LITERALLY had 5 minutes to get ready and this is what I came up with. So excuse the second day hair and the tired eyes. Not bad, right?


stretchy pants

I don't always wear stretchy pants, but when I do, it's on Tuesday. Or Saturday. Or Sunday. Mostly.

Skating outfit!


riddle me this

Who in their right mind puts a RED tag inside a white chiffon shirt? (See it?) A crazy person thats who. And I can't cut it off cuz it has washing instructions. Oh well! I still like my pirate shirt :)

Also. Yes. Those are PURPLE ANIMAL PRINT SKINNY JEANS. I know, I almost died when I saw them too!!